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That’s right kitties, I got a tumblr.  I have a handful of friends that have one.  Also I have plans to make a proper blog.  However it’s going to stick to a strict topic.  So I’ve created this one to talk about other day-to-day and silly bits that won’t fall into the category.

I decided to start now b/c I have a doujin I want to share - and I have a small bit to say about it as well.

Yukari vs. Ran

Yukari vs. Ran Compilation

I really enjoyed this.  I’ve been very impartial to Ran during my time as part of the Touhou fandom.  She just seemed very overrated and boring.  She still somewhat does to be honest.  I wish with all my being this small series was canon.  It looks at a majority of things from another point that is entirely probable (an example being Flandre’s “insanity”, to not give too much away).

You get to observe Yukari and how she handles a variety of interesting (and key) events in the Touhou timeline that aren’t expanded upon by Zun.  One example is the Scarlet sisters’ arrival into Gensokyo.  You also get to visit the moon!  All the while she learns to use and improve upon her powers.

I wouldn’t say this is a fan’s only read but I think a knowing reader will get much more enjoyment out of it.  I found very little to complain about.  If I absolutely had to name something it would be that I had to reread an action scene one or two times to fully understand the moves they were performing.  I highly recommend it if you have the time.

Give it a read: http://www.mediafire.com/?xiaimw339u7asp0

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